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People are drawn to me when they hit a road block in their lives and something needs to change.

Picture yourself at a fork in the road. There are many different options ahead, and none of them look like the road you came here on. Time to choose the one that will inspire you every day.

Sometimes you need a little healing before you`re ready to choose. Other times, you need a new perspective or some tools before you head down the next path. I`m here to help you get confident, choose a direction, and hold you action.

One on one sessions include a combination of energy healing, coaching, and brain training. Together, we will use a variety of personal development tools and resources that work for you and your life.

It’s time to head down the road you’ve always wanted to travel on.

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you are:

Ready to do the work to take your life full-on. You have read the books, watched the TED talks, been to seminars, but need a little help (a gentle push, maybe) to spark change and live the life you always dreamed of. You feel, deeply, and crave to learn why. You are intuitive, open, empathetic, and understanding- sometimes to a fault. It’s time to learn how to turn these gifts into strengths. 

i am:

Someone who can hold the space for you to discover what you need to know about yourself. I bring love, compassion, and perspective to your life story. Together we will unveil the life you always wanted, and you will come to learn that these intuitive gifts are something you can use to your advantage in the process. You are here to do amazing things with your life, and it’s time to learn how.

complimentary 15-minute phone consultation

$125 for initial sessions, $100 for subsequent sessions

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