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photo (40)Hey guys. I’m Jordana.

I am an urban hippie with an addiction to personal development and fancy tea. I live in Toronto with my handsome man, our two dogs, and my ever growing collection of crystals, plants, and shoes.

I love the self expression fashion provides. My first true love was music at the ripe age of 6. I can sit happily in nature for hours. I am at my most creative in a coffee shop on a rainy day. Some days I avoid meditating and sit on the couch watching Netflix instead. My inherent skepticism and curiosity have me try things out before I buy into them. 6 years of university philosophy made me careful not to inflict my beliefs on others. At the end of the day, I’m human and therefore not perfect.

I have seen people change things about themselves that doctors and society and their family said weren’t possible. I know we are all worthy and capable of miracles even though we don’t feel it all the time. My mission is to help people cross the bridge into a fuller way of life, and believe harder in the things that they love.

At the end of the day, I’m passionate about helping others. Living a life of service makes my  heart sing. We are all here to grow in some way and I love helping people figure that out. The work I do with clients is my passion project. Click here to learn more about my day job.


what i do…

wtf is energy healing

Science knows energy exists, skeptics love hearing hippies say we can feel it, and there are a lot of shitty quality videos out there that make us healers look like 1-800-number psychics. 

I can explain energy by asking you to spend a minute, eyes closed, thinking of someone you love. On a basic level, love is energy- it creates incredible thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. MRI scans show activation in our brains when we meditate on love. It’s a powerful energy force. 

So how do we use energy to heal?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable right away? Or maybe you had the opposite experience where you felt at home in a room full of strangers. Your comfort level is created by the energy of the people around you, the energy you send out and how well it is received. We all have the power to create the space we want.

I am an energy intuitive who creates the space for healing. Healing exists in my sessions whether we do traditional energy therapy or not. I am trained in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Tapping, Channeling Spirit, and other healing modalities, which I use in some of my sessions. Each person’s needs guide me to the therapy that will help them most.

wtf is coaching


Everyone is a coach these days, and I couldn’t be happier for it. 

On a basic level, coaching is asking strategic questions in order for people to come up with their own answers. It requires curiosity, being unattached to an outcome, listening for what’s behind your client’s words and seeing them for their whole worth and potential.

Coaching is not convincing someone of your opinion, or telling someone what to do. This is the frustrating part (and the reason it cannot be learned in a weekend course); the easy way out would be to have someone tell us what to do. The problem with that is no one can give you a prescription for how to live your life- that kind of power can only be self-generated.

I use coaching to create the structure for my sessions so we can get to the foundation of what is holding you back, and let the healing happen from there.


wtf is brain training


Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern that we can’t break. No matter how hard we try to change, somehow our past always repeats itself.

That’s our crazy brain at work. The brain’s whole purpose is to keep us from dying. It does that by logging in our subconscious memory everything we do that keeps us from getting hurt. Every time we are presented with a situation, our brain looks back to see what we did the last time something similar happened in order to repeat the same old actions.

This is why changing our habits is so hard. It all happens beneath the surface, kicking into gear before our conscious brain even knows what’s happening. It’s not your fault, it’s just how we’re built.

That said, we are not lost causes. The newest studies in brain science show that growth never stops in our brains. We are capable of changing brain patterns at any age, putting to rest the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” There are some awesome tools we can use to train our subconscious to believe what we want it to. Lucky for you, I have some of the best ones that I practiced using on my favourite guinea pig- myself.

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