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but don't just take my word for it, take a look at what my clients have to say

Jordana is a highly intuitive, straight, and compassionate coach. She sees right to the heart of the matter and helps you get there yourself so you can take on a new perspective that gives you new actions and new results.

“Working with Jordana is an incredible experience that has enabled me to build a stronger connection with myself. I have become more confident , grounded, and resilient in my work and personal relationships. In only a few weeks, I have seen a dramatic increase in productivity both with my clients and in myself.”

“Jordana asks all the right questions to really help me see the bigger picture and she holds me accountable in a way that no other coach has. I always leave our sessions feeling like there are possibilities and solutions!”

“Jordana offers something of such value; uninterrupted, dedicated time.  Working with Jordana is like working with your inner voice, but actually having to listen.  She makes a safe place to bare it all and make something of it.”

“In the year we have worked together I have taken major chances, stepped outside my comfort zone and cried a few tears, all while Jordana was by my side, guiding me in the right direction. I can proudly say now I am happily in love and more spiritual and confident than I have felt in years.”

“Working with Jordana has inspired me to be my best self creatively, spiritually and emotionally.  Her guidance made me feel alive again and allowed me the confidence to take on the world.”

“Jordana’s ability to create an environment for breakthroughs is something I have not encountered again in my life. Through her coaching, I have broken the habits that were holding me back and I am on my way to the life I truly want.”

“Plain and simple, Jordana created the space for a shift in my thinking – and thus, in my life – to occur. Jordana’s gentle, supportive and insightful style of coaching enabled a renewed sense of confidence that now bleeds into my professional and personal endeavors.”

“Jordana has been a light in my life. To say the least, I can attribute all of my current endeavors in my career to her wisdom, love and support. Thank you Jordana. You are a blessing.”

  • elyse maltin
  • kayt bognar
  • shannon lee simmons
  • nataleigh ballantyne
  • kristin lumsden
  • kristina bozzo
  • julia kerrigan
  • amy c. willis
  • chantal wade